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Discover the secret to experiencing incredible sex

For many people, hypnosis is a tool you can you can use to overcome issues such as smoking and stress.

But what you may not know is that secretly it has been used by people the world over to improve their sexual performance and enhance their experience.

As a professional hypnotist I have developed hypnotic methods that will help you

      • Extend sexual performance and shock lovers with your natural stamina
      • Radically improve arousal so you get up and hard/wet fast
      • Destroy any sexual anxieties and perform just how you want to
      • Prolong/multiply orgasms for lasting pleasure
      • Activate orgasm/cum triggers (cum on command)
      • Enhance dom/sub experiences
      • Fetish Amplification
      • Feminization

People across the globe are demanding access to this brand of erotic hypnosis.

Unfortunately my schedule does not allow me to fly across the globe and so for a short time I will be offering erotic hypnosis session via Skype (USERNAME: YourHypnosisCoach) or Instant Messaging as well as face to face sessions.

Below is an example of a general feel good hypnosis session…



If you want to explore your potential for extreme sexual pleasure then call me on +61 39998 7060 OR complete the email form below.

GENUINE ENQUIRIES ONLY: This is not a sex chat line and I’m not offering sexual services. It is a therapy to help people like you experience AMAZING sex.

OR Test Drive the experience with the following Mp3. Just click “Add to Cart” and use your Paypal acccount to instantly download this erotic hypnosis audio.

Introduction To Erotic Hypnosis
Introduction To Erotic Hypnosis
Unlock they door to your full sexual potential with this MP3 download. This recording is designed to condition your mind and body for the amazing pleasure that awaits you using erotic hypnosis.
Price: $7.00

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