I’ve often been asked who is the best hypnotherapist in the world. I must admit that I have been fortunate to learn from many of the living greats of modern hypnosis. Plus I’ve studied the methods of those who have left this world.

But of course it’s not just enough to study. As a great hypnotherapist you must also apply and test this methods. As a professional hypnotist I’ve been fortunate to work with thousands of people and get results.

Because of course in the end that is for me what it is all about. Getting hypnosis in all kinds of creative ways is very cool but at the end of the day my goal is to change peoples lives for the better.

I put together the video below to talk a little bit more in detail about my beliefs about hypnosis.

As I mentioned before a hypnotist just getting hypnosis and a little clever phenomena is not what I consider great. Without question there have been technical innovators in our field. But again, results are king (and queen)!

I hope this helps you to find the best hypnotherapist in the world