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Could You Use a Massive Boost in Confidence?

For those who haven’t reached their full potential yet

You realize that there are many times where there is just no substitute for confidence. It’s so easy to spot a person who isn’t confident because it shows through in the things they say and do.

And it’s strange that even though we can be so confident in some situations other can leave us feeling small and weak. Some people have always suffered from lack of confidence. Others have been confident before, but lost it and don’t know how to get it back.

Everyone has the ability to be confident, it is within you now. All you have to do is set it free.

She Felt Everyone Was Better Than Her

Karyn (not her real name) was an intelligent and capable person yet in her work and personal life should couldn’t help the feeling she was somehow less than everyone else.

In social situations, she felt that her life was boring and that people wouldn’t be interested in her opinion. At work, she struggled to get her point across with colleagues. At home, she felt that she could not stand up for herself in her relationship.

When she walked into our first Hypnosis session her shoulders were slumped and she could not look me in the eye. Tears welled in her eyes as she spoke of her feeling of powerlessness.

I clearly remember her walking back into our office a week later with almost complete reversal of energy. She had a strength in her step and body language. She looked me in the eye and shook my hand.

Karyn was now on her way to supreme confidence. *

This is what happens in a Confidence Boost Hypnosis Session…

The session is divided into two parts. In the first part, we get a little bit of your background and the nature of your confidence issue. In this part you will discover;

  • How our inner voice is THE most powerful confidence booster available to us and the best way to use it
  • Why confidence is a mental process and how you can use this to your advantage
  • The real reason you don’t need to follow the fake it till you make it lie

In the second part of we do the confidence boost hypnosis where we use the information gathered in the first part and apply our powerful methods.

You will experience;

  • What hypnosis really is (’s nothing like sleep)
  • A profound state of relaxation
  • An amazing sense of inner silence (a zero ‘chatter’ state)
  • Powerful mind and habit altering processes and visualizations

…pleased to report my interview went well and I secured my first preference…thanks so much for your help!

Roland *

The session was fantastic…I am so much more confident in meetings

Melanie *



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