In order to better equip you to deal with stress; I want to teach you exactly what stress is and how to protect your mind from the damaging effects of stress.

The Two Faces of Stress

Believe it or not, stress can be a positive force in our lives. If we know how to use stress, it can stimulate us to achieve rather than overcome us and make us fail.

What determines the differences between the two is largely based in our attitudes. Whether we achieve or fail in our dealings with stress depends upon whether we see stress as a positive or negative force.

In large part, whether an event is negative stress or positive stress relies upon how we approach it.

2 people facing the very same life scenario, for example, can either be exhilarated or devastated.  One man’s trash is another man’s treasure…

The differences are in the people not the event.

The differences are in whether you perceive the event as exhilarating, or you perceive the event as devastating.

The differences are in the perception.

Ironically, our bodies react to both types of stress with an “adrenalin dump”. Hormones flood into our bodies creating the same biochemistry in both positive and negative stress situations.

Neuroscience has definitively shown us that there is very little difference between fear and excitement, and that it is the mind that creates the difference between exhilaration and terror.

However we interpret an event…as positive stress or negative stress…our bodies respond similarly.  Our bodies respond to stress.

What Roller Coasters Can Teach Us

Imagine being on a roller coaster. On a purely physiological level– as the ride moves up and down, changing its direction, changing its speed–we are stimulated, indeed, over-stimulated.

Millions of people ride roller coasters to enjoy them. For them, that over-stimulation is exhilarating. They enjoy roller coasters and actually anticipate the ride with positive expectation.

Then, there are those who absolutely do not enjoy the roller coaster. Their minds see the same ride and the same possibility, but make a significant switch to another experience. Rather than anticipate exhilaration, they dread or fear the experience.

They resist.

But here’s the rub:  once you’re on the ride, that’s it!

There’s nothing you can do but be there.

You can’t get off until the ride is over.

Let’s say that no matter what your expectation, the ride is mandatory. Now you have to ask yourself, “How am I going to do this ride?”

This is a great example of how our minds can determine our experience. We can have a negative stress experience by resisting the roller coaster ride and screaming no, no, no, I hate this the whole time, or

We can have a positive stress experience on the roller coaster and be exhilarated!

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