Let Go Of A Crippling Fears and Phobias

People who don’t have a Phobia just can’t understand how frightening and embarrassing it is. Phobia sufferers can’t just ‘get over it’ or logic their way out of this terrible affliction.

How many times have you thought you had beaten it, only to drop into complete terror when the Phobia was triggered?

Up until recently trying to cure a phobia was very hit and miss and often required dozens of sessions using traditional therapies.


She Just Stared in Disbelief!

Lilly (Not her real name) came to see us with a paralyzing fear of needles. She and her husband were planning to have a baby soon and she new that this was going to be a complete nightmare.

Even as she spoke about her fear of needles she felt a pain in her forearms. She trembled as she spoke about the times where her Phobia had caused her to lose control of all sense and reason.

When she came back from being in Hypnosis we spoke about Needles. This time she did not tremble she kept talking in a relaxed way..and then she stopped and looked down at her forearms in complete disbelief. She said “that’s bizarre”!. She no longer had the pain anymore. In fact she couldn’t care less about needles…*

Can You Be Hypnotized?

As a person who has successfully hypnotized

  • Low confidence floor starers
  • Hyper talkative and outgoing ear getters
  • Extra analytical, logical Dr Spock personalities
  • Highly visual and creative types
  • Top of town corporate professionals
  • Rough tough scare-your-mother tradesman

AND……People who flat out to my face said they couldn’t be hypnotized.

I say it isn’t a case “can you be hypnotized”..but how fast you will go into hypnosis (usually under 5 minutes!).

This is what happens in a Phobia Cure Hypnosis Session…

The session is divided into two parts. In the first part we get a little bit of your background and the nature of your Phobia. In this part you will discover;

  • How the Phobia was created and the one major reason why you can’t ‘think’ your way out of it
  • Why they have such a powerful effect over your life and are almost impossible to control
  • The reason why in many cases they just get worse and worse over time

In the second part of we do hypnosis where we use the information gathered in the first part and apply our powerful methods. You will experience;

  • What hypnosis really is (hint..it’s nothing like sleep)
  • A profound state of relaxation
  • An amazing sense of inner silence (a zero ‘chatter’ state)
  • Powerful mind and habit altering processes and visualization



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