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If you are ready to make powerful long lasting changes…

Discover How To Quickly

And Permanently Aquire

Titanium Strength Self Esteem!

[hilight color=”FFFF00″]The Secret to Taking On The World and Winning[/hilight]

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Dear Friend

I’m sure you would agree that you deserve more success in your life.


Private, Personal and Tailored To You…

This is where the Transform Your Life Coaching Program comes into it’s own.


Here are just a tiny fraction of the things you will learn:

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  • How to reduce negative stress whilst increasing productivity with positive stress
  • The way to break almost any unwanted habit
  • Simple ways to supercharge your self esteem
  • The winning mindset of hyper successful people
  • How to create new and fantastic relationships whilst growing and nurturing the ones you have
  • Inner motivation that make achieving your dreams almost automatic with zero inner conflict
  • The easiest way to break free from your past
  • Emotional mastery and the way you can tune in and turn off negative thoughts and feelings that hold you back
  • How to prime your mind and body for optimal health and vitality
  • Simple brain programming techniques that allow you to become the architect of a brilliant futue
  • The way to let go of any blocks that hold you from achieving wealth[/list]

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Quite simply you choose the modules that you want to do, in the order that you want to do them. You can do 1, 4, 6 or all 11 at the pace that is right for you. Do a module every month OR do 2 modules a month it’s totally up to you and how fast you want the changes.



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Self-Esteem Supercharge

If you ever wanted to

  • Look in the mirror and hear positive words from yourself
  • Wake in the morning with a positive view of the day ahead
  • Have a negativity shield that prevents ANYONE from getting under your skin

Then this is a module for you. From childhood until you now you have been programmed through experience and belief with a self image. This self image may not be entirely correct and your view of yourself and self talk are holding you back.

At last take a correct view of yourself and realise that you are a well of untapped potential. See your strengths and value!




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Emotional Mastery

Do you find yourself at the mercy of you emotions? Do you sometimes get overwhelmed and find it hard to get your mind straight?

Your emotions may be controlling your life which is NOT what they where meant to do. And it’s difficult to chart a successful course when you don’t have a clear head.

Discover what emotions really are and how you can seize back control. No longer be at the mercy of feeling. Whilst emotions are an important part of being human they should not overwhelm us, especially when there is just no need for it.

This one is a biggie and should really be taught as a subject in school.



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Every single Month you will receive the following…[list style=”Check2blue2″]

  • A 30-minute Coaching CallOne on one call that focuses on you and achieving the success you desire. VALUE $97
  • Live Hypnosis Session (Skype or In Person) – This is where you get so chat about your desired goals and then sit back, relax and make the changes happen. It couldn’t be any easier than this. VALUE $165
  • Subject Specific “Transformation Manuals– Easy to read and packed with fluff-free and need-to-know life changing information. Every coaching module comes with its own unique manual to help you get impressive results. VALUE $37
  • Audio Version “Transformation Manuals– These are audio versions of the Transformation Manuals and can be loaded into a smart phone, portable music device or played in the car. Great when you have time to listen while on the move. VALUE $37
  • Special Bonus Mind Tuning Mp3s – Listen to these Mp3’s to reinforce the changes you want. They are also super relaxing VALUE $27


ONLY $197

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[guarantee style=”TU” gtysize=”large”]If at any point during the first 30 days you’re not 100% happy with the programme, and the work you’re doing with your coach, then we won’t hold you to the full 4 or 6 month commitment and we will refund your programme fee in full.

*Excludes Silver Package Content[/guarantee]

Select from the coaching packages below





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