Quit Smoking Program

Quit Smoking Program

Because When You Quit, It Will Be Forever…

Have you tried to quit smoking and failed using one or more of the following methods?:

  • Cold Turkey
  • Patches
  • Gum
  • Lozenges
  • Sprays
  • Prescription Drugs

Maybe some of those things worked for a while, maybe they didn’t work at all.

The Reasons To Smoke

As a smoker do you smoke for one or more of the following reasons?

  • A feeling of confidence
  • An excuse for a break (e.g. at work)
  • To celebrate something
  • To relieve stress and relax
  • As an end of the day ritual
  • Part of drinking something (typically tea, coffee and alcohol)
  • To accompany meals
  • As part of socialising and having a good time
  • To avoid Boredom
  • Quiet time to think about things
  • To signal a time for to have a private chat with someone
  • To concentrate on a task
  • As a reward

In fact many smokers often feel that their cigarettes are like an old friend.

Whatever your reason for starting smoking (many times due to social conformity) these positive associations are the things that may keep you hooked on cigarettes

Why Smokers Fail

Perhaps you may have given up for a period of time and felt great, but then something caused you to go back to the habit.

Here are the top 3 reasons why people typically fall back into the habit of smoking:

  • Stress and Anxiety (sometimes due to a traumatic event)
  • Consumption of Alcohol
  • Giving in to other smokers or the temptation to have ‘just one’

Why The Scary Pictures DON’T Scare You

Do you realise that the only people frightened by the images in cigarette packets are non smokers and children?

Whilst the introduction of the graphic images on cigarette packages are sure to affect many people, the vast majority of smokers ignore them completely.

The reality is that most smokers can ignore the reality of the health problems that cigarettes cause BECAUSE of the benefits they get (which are listed above).

And when people are incredibly stressed or out drinking and having fun they are not usually thinking about the sever health problems that may occur in 5 or so years. They want the good feelings now.

Smokers Vs Non-Smokers

When a non smoker sees a cigarette they see CONSEQUENCES. They do not see any kind of positive. Everything about smoking screams danger.

With this knowledge are you beginning to realise how seeing cigarettes through the eyes of non-smoker could change your whole attitude to smoking?

This is what will completely change your attitude to cigarettes.

Yes But What Are The Side Effects?

I’m sure you heard the usual so-called side effects of quitting smoking. Sometimes I think these falsities were started by the cigarette companies themselves trying to stop people quitting. As the result of a quit smoking hypnosis session it is not a given that you will gain weight or replace the habit with something else.

But WAIT, I Love Smoking!

These days it seems almost taboo to admit that for so many smoking is a pleasurable activity. There are so many positive associations that smokers have to cigarettes. Many often admit that their cigarettes are like a friend to them and have been there in the good times and the bad.

Most Non-Smokers can not understand how smokers can look past the obvious deathly side effects of the habit. But it’s simple, there are massive perceived benefits!

I Will Be Lost Without Them

It can be hard to imagine not wanting to smoke. The daily rituals and the usual places. It seems almost bizarre that in under 2 hours you could be staring at your old packet of cigarettes as if they were and ugly alien. But this can happen.

What Will I Do If I’m Stressed?

As part of every stop smoking session we make sure that we also take care of the things that could potentially trigger a relapse in the future. Stress and Anxiety are one major factor. If we find that you do suffer from these then they too will be addressed in the session so that we give you every chance for success.

I’ve Tried Everything Else and Failed Why Should Hypnosis Be Different?

Methods such as pills, patches, gum and willpower don’t address the positive psychological factors emotional drivers associated with smoking. Hypnosis on the other hand works with the deeper more powerful part of you to help break the habit so that you get all the benefits of life WITHOUT the health and wealth damaging effects of smoking.

This Is What Happens In A Hypnosis Session…

The session is divided into two parts. In the first part we get a little bit of your background and your smoking routine. In this part you will discover;

  • The smoking triggers that trick even the strongest willpower
  • The real deeply embedded reason that keeps you smoking day after day (even though that reason is no longer valid!)
  • 2 concrete shoe beliefs that can sink your chances fast
  • The ‘ill just have one’ mistake that causes ex smokers to rapidly drift back to the habit

In the second part of we do the stop smoking hypnosis where we use the information gathered in the first part and apply our powerful methods. You will experience;

  • What hypnosis really is (hint..it’s nothing like sleep)
  • A profound state of relaxation
  • An amazing sense of inner silence (a zero ‘chatter’ state)
  • Powerful mind and habit altering processes and visualizations

Can You Really Afford to Waste $50,000?

Do you realize that if you were to quit smoking today, not only are you improving your health but also you will be saving at least $50,000 in the next 10 years? (based approximately on a packet a day habit and assuming no increase in cigarette prices)

With a new healthy and revitalized YOU, just imagine all the things you could spend that money on!

  • Reward yourself with the holiday you have always dreamed about but never had the spare cash
  • Upgrade your car and get the kind of transport you deserve
  • Refresh your wardrobe with some eye catching clothes
  • Share your new found cash with people whom you truly care for

We at Mindframe Hypnotherapy will stick with you as you quit smoking for good. Every stop smoking package includes and additional session if for some reason the initial session is not fully successful OR if for some reason you go back to the habit in the next 12 months



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