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If you are looking for Weight Loss Hypnosis Melbourne then you have come to the right place. We are 100% committed to help YOU lose weight and Mindframe Hypnotherapy Center will provide hypnotherapy sessions to help you get on track to losing the weight.  

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You see, These days you can’t walk down the street or turn on the TV without someone slapping you in the face with a gym membership deal, a weird kind of abs machine, a new celebrity diet or miracle powder or pill. Chances are you’ve tried at least one of the following and FAILED in your quest to gain control of your weight:

    • Gym Membership
    • Personal Training
    • Home Delivered Meal Plans
    • An abthingy or similar late night TV contraption
    • At home treadmill (which makes for a great clothes hanger)
    • Exercise DVD’s
    • Fad diets
    • Starving yourself

You Already Know How To Lose Weight The fact is that losing weight is really easy. In fact the principles are very straight forward:

    • Eat Less
    • Make Healthy Food Choices
    • Increase Energy Output

Unfortunately You May Be Doing This Instead.. The reality is that in this modern day world we have access to an excess of food and when combine with psychological factor causes us to:

    • Skip or Delay Breakfast
    • Snack between meals
    • Continue eating even when full
    • Eating because emotional
    • Eating because tired
    • Be addicted to sugary treats
    • Drink sugar filled soft drink
    • Make poor food choices

Thankfully there is a shift going in in the world and people are coming to realize that the secret to losing weight is not a pill or machine or fad diet. EVERYTHING to do with weight loss begins within the mind. And that by changing just a few simple things within your mind, you can unlock the door to quick and massive weight loss.

Who Am I And What The Hell Do I Know About Hypnosis and Weight Loss

As you can see in the photo below I was FAR from a picture of health. Mid 30’s fat, depressed, anxious and seriously lacking testosterone. Don’t let the rock climbing gear fool you. I spent most of the day resting! BEFORE FAT GARETH I have no idea what my weight was then but I know I was packing serious kilos on my 6 foot 2 frame. However after I discovered hypnosis my life transformed. Here is a recent picture of me. Now in my mid 40’s and fitter, healthier and going stronger than ever! AFTER Gareth2_1 I can personally attest to the power of hypnosis to help transform the mind and the body!*

What happens in a Hypnosis Weight Loss session?

The session is divided into two parts. In the first part we get a little bit of your background and your eating routine. In this part you will discover…

  • The BIGGEST reason why people gain weight that nobody wants to talk about (it’s not what you think)
  • The real cause of why your weight ALWAYS seems to go back to where it was before…despite dieting and hours of cardio
  • Why hours of boring cardio is NOT the way to destroy fat (something the big gym chains don’t want you to know)
  • The health food myth that results in you eating so called health foods and STILL gaining weight
  • How the right combination of exercise and REAL healthy eating can be installed into your mind a little like a computer program (making it feel TOTALLY natural)

In the second part of we do the weight loss hypnosis where we use the information gathered in the first part and apply our powerful methods. You will experience;

  • What hypnosis really is (’s nothing like sleep)
  • A profound state of relaxation
  • An amazing sense of inner silence (a zero ‘chatter’ state)
  • Powerful mind and habit altering processes and visualizations

What Makes Us Different From Other Hypnotherapists?

A person could easily be led to believe that all hypnotherapy is the same…And that one hypnotherapists Weight Loss sessions are the same as another. The reality is that not all hypnotherapy is the same. At Mindframe Hypnotherapy we take a fully comprehensive approach to helping you to lose weight and keeping it off. We know the triggers, the drivers and how to help to eliminate them. We are also specialists in hypnosis. We don’t mix hypnosis with other things and we have years of experience working FULL TIME in this area. Our comprehensive system of therapy seeks to give you the possible chance of success in the shortest possible time frame. AND we screen our clients beforehand to make sure if hypnotherapy is right for you.

I‘ve lost 13 kg in 12 weeks…it was really easy – Matthew *
I have completely stopped snacking…I lost over 3kg after two sessions…thank you for your help Michelle *



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